We are collecting lesson ideas and other documents about using music and song for environmental learning. Some are found on this site, some are links to external sites.

Please contribute!  Leave us a note in the comment box below or email us!

General Interest

Tapping Music to Encourage Environmental Literacy (Peter Lenton)
A Folk Song Could Save The World (Fred Starner)
Earthsinging: The Use Of Music In Environmental Education (Dave Orleans)
Earthsinging in Your Own Backyard (Dave Orleans)
Singing The Energy Blues (Joan Maute)
Music In Environmental Education (Delmar Janke)
Both Sides Now—Music is powerful, useful and effective in sustainability education  (Joyce J Rouse) new

Songwriting with Children

Children and Songwriting (Tom Hunter)
Writing Songs with Children (Lisa Garrison)
Environmental Songwriting Ideas for Kids (anon)

Academic and Research

The Role of Music in EE: Lessons From the Cod Fishery Crisis and the Dust Bowl Days (Doug Ramsay)
The Use of Original Music Videos to Teach Natural History (G. D. Grossman and C. E. Watson)

[for more research, see also links page under Sing About Science and Math]


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