Thanks for dropping by! This site/blog is all about using music and song for teaching and learning about environmental sustainability. It’s about building a community of people that use and appreciate singing as a way of inspiring action for a better world…that may include you!

If you would like to be a part of this community…
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In this site you will find:
~ News and commentary in a blog format
~ Inspiring and practical ideas/info
~ Links to artists and other resource pages

Songs for Environmental Education first started in 1997, when a group of environmental educators got together to sing and scheme at an international environmental education meeting in Vancouver. For many years, we hosted a website at Geocities, a service which was discontinued a few years back (here’s an archive). Currently, this site is maintained by Yukon-based educator and singer-songwriter Remy Rodden (but I’d love your help if you’re interested!).

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